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Ranty pants

I'm not a ranter, honest. I am normally quite Zen about life, but sometimes the passionate dragon inside has to erupt. I have had one of the weirdest weeks for comments about my physique...ever! Most of these remarks included the... Continue Reading →


My mental progress is just as important

I do love a good dictionary definition, so here's one for you all to enjoy. Progress a development towards an improved or more advanced condition. So for the past few weeks I haven't focused so much on any type of... Continue Reading →

Winter soul food

So Autumn and winter casseroles and one pot meals are amazing!!! Yes, I can hear you all agreeing. I never really cook with Lamb, not too sure why, I think I just forget it's there if I'm honest. Not any... Continue Reading →

Ask for help

So this week has been one heck of a social craze, which is not the norm. Out for coffee, dinner, play dates with the kids, friends round etc. It's really great to be so busy with fun and the socialising... Continue Reading →

Some mums lift more than just their kids

Rocking up to my first lifting session back in August was terrifying to say the least. I had made a mistake with my class times and walked in on a premium session with the gym owner and two very strong... Continue Reading →

Curry AND a cheese cake?

Yep, that's what I said curry and cheesecake. Sounds too good to be true though right? There are few adjustments but it's all tastes amazing. Grandma Junes chicken curry 1 1/2 mugs rice 1 kilo chicken breast (approx 5 breasts)... Continue Reading →

Why wait?

I was bored, I was unhappy, I lacked the confidence I once had and I felt frumpy. I have a great life with my husband and 3 little girls but I just knew there was something lacking. I had turned... Continue Reading →

A little more Yogi Bear

When I first started my fitness journey it was honestly so hard, the warm up left me exhausted, never mind the actual class. I did a little research on how to help myself be more nimble and Yoga seemed to... Continue Reading →

Self bloody doubt

Everybody loves a bit of self doubt every now and then don't they? Don't they? No, you're right, it sucks big time. One day your flying high, getting your daily tasks done, eating well, your workout is finished, kids are... Continue Reading →

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