This blog is a product of my fitness and healthy lifestyle journey so far and wow it has been one amazing journey.

Before I start I would like to just state that I am not a qualified personal trainer but as of Jan 2017 I qualified with a Diploma in human nutrition. I am a woman, a wife, a mother and someone who has recently found and unleashed the bad ass within.

I do not have my idea of a perfect body…yet! In fact I don’t know what my perfect body will look like but I guess that is part of the journey process! I have a mum tum, thighs that I hear clapping and cheering me on as I run but one gut full of determination. My life is busy, full of random weirdness and to be honest, I have a personality that even confuses myself sometimes!

A Brief History

This time last year I was 31 years old with a husband, 3 young children and I weighed 215lb (15.5 stone) with not much confidence in my abilities and my body.

Today I am 32 years old, I still have my lovely husband, scrummy children and I weigh 164lb (11.5 stone). The belief I now have in myself has completely changed and I cannot tell you how great that feels. I know some people can be any weight they want and be truly happy but I am not that person. If you are happy and content then keep being that way and do not let anyone take that away from you.

Having battled with my weight since I was around 12, its been 20 long years of it ruling and controlling what I did and where I went! I have been on both ends of the weight scale and neither have had any benefit for me. In high school my weight was at its lowest as I barely ate which led to me collapsing in class one day, which then started a few rumours that I was anorexic! I obviously was oblivious to what that meant at that age and was scare mongered into eating, by not only the doctors but my mother and close friends! Over the years my weight then piled on and I had no control or idea of how to stop it which made me a quite angry and frustrated. I learnt how to mask that with humour and generally behaving like a clown (a bit of a Chandler! For all the ‘Friends’ fans out there!) After my 2nd child something inside me snapped and I went back into my ‘Anorexic’ way of thinking and basically burnt off considerately more calories in the gym than I ate in a day. I did the ABC Diet back then so some days I would fast, then eat just 300 calories and I think the most I ate in a day at that time was up to 800 Calories. That was not a life people, honestly please don’t ever try that or entertain going down that road!

I have never been diagnosed with any eating disorder but only recently as I have started to learn more about health and nutrition that I have come to terms with the fact that I was very close! Nobody knew about what I was going through, not even the closest people around me and I don’t even know weather they know to this day!

Anyway! Since I have been grabbed and shaken and taught properly about food, macros, calories and the right exercises, Β I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been! My lifestyle has been turned upside down and I have never been happier! (I still can’t handle my alcohol but I don’t think that will ever change!)

My Journey though is still that……a journey! I am no were near finished with what I want to achieve in my new lifestyle. I am to be fitter, stronger, sexier and more bad ass than ever!!!!!!

I eat well, I train hard, I lift heavy and I am full of awesomeness.

I will be completely honest with my posts and hopefully there is someone out there that can get some sort of positive vibe from this. I will be posting pictures, recipes and little funnies for my own amusement mostly!