“On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become” 

I saw this quote and panicked, yer I know. I got all weirded out and actually, truly thought about it. What if that quote were true? What would I say to the person I could have become? Would I hang my head in shame? Would they be prettier, smarter or weirder? Would she have a husband or children? Would she be happier and more successful?

The more I stared at the words the more I realised, actually, lets flip the question around slightly. I am the person I wanted to become, I made that decision last year. To stop wishing for magic pills, that will make me slimmer, smarter, prettier and less unique. I am changing my life, not completely, as somethings I have are pretty amazing. My passion for life, love, career and self worth and value have all happened so quickly.

When in my school/college days people were trying to define me by what I wanted to study, they kept asking “what do you want to be”? I had no fecking clue, by the way.  Then in my early 20’s I got married and had my 3 gorgeous children. My needs were put aside for a while and my focus was on them, my husband and the house duties, which is what I  wanted. My family are my world and I love them all so I guess loving my self was the hardest part. I got lost in the mess of nappies, sick, washing and play dates….I was a mombie!  That was entirely my fault, as much as my family were loving and appreciating me, I couldn’t give my self that gratification. I felt like I wasn’t allowed to be me in case I didn’t fit in to that ‘mum world’. Screw that for a bag of toads…


I’ve now found my career path and passion through health, fitness and nutrition. I have trained hard for the body I now have which in turn has boosted my confidence. I’m not there yet though, I am still training hard and eating the right body fuel. I am in the middle of studying to get my certifications for my career which has had a massive effect on my self worth and belief in my abilities.

There are seasons in life where we have clarity and confidence and then in others we wonder what the hell we are doing. I am happy to report to you lovely people that you are not alone. We are constantly going through seasons of change, Loss, happiness, fear etc. The one thing I would advise you to hold onto, is the passion for life that we all share. If you don’t like something…change it! If you love something…embrace it! If you fear something…challenge it!

I now look at that quote above and think damn, If I met the person I was last year I would slap her and say “next time Heather, don’t wait so long”. I am who I am and I make no apologies for that…not any more.

Which person are you? Let’s take responsibility for the people we have become, whether you love them or not.

Peace out xxx