It’s not alcohol, it’s not cigarettes and it’s not caffeine, no friends it’s something far worse

Friggin’ snacks

Crisps, biscuits, cakes, fudge, ice cream and of course the cookies, ohhhhh the cookies.

Why do the bad things taste so amazing? I will admit though, I love a good cheat meal. It’s ok to occasionally have a carb loaded, cheese fest. Please do not feel bad over that because we need to be realistic about these things. If you completely cut out all the food you love then that’s when your healthy eating turns into a ‘diet’ and that’s not what I would suggest. I have been on so many different fad diets and even ate at certain times etc and yes you will lose a few pounds in the beginning but then when it gets boring, you eat as you used to and it all goes back on. A well balanced healthy diet with the odd cheat meal is all great along side an exercise program. Especially in the beginning of any weight loss or healthy living journey.

Then tackling those snacks, they really spoil my day. If you don’t have the time to portion it all out in your separate containers, or get you meals ready for the next day then I have found some on the go treats.

This is just for beginners really, odd little tweaks to make in your snack decisions will help in the long run. As you progress, then further changes will need to be made to not only your snacks but your meals as well on a daily basis.

These are all available from your usual supermarket but there are a few ย got from ‘the health shop’ but alternatively you can get them all on line.ย snacks

The foodie market range is from Aldi and they have plenty of variations for you to pick at, the SIS sachets are pre work out Gel shots.

Always try and have water with you, this is vital…honestly. Not only does it hydrate you in the right way it also helps fill your stomach which will help warn off those sugary pains. If your not a fan of plain water, like me. Grab yourself a diffuser bottle and pop some of your favourite fruits in there. Mango, Kiwi, Melon, Apple, Raspberry, Lemon etc. Fruit alone is also amazing and with the natural sugars fruit has it will help with the sugar cravings and your body will ingest that good stuff.

Have fun fellow snackers

Peace out xxx