Am I easily psyched out? Yes. Am I easily intimidated? Yes. Am I fearful? Yes. Full of self doubt? Yes. Do i whinge about it? Yes. Am I going to give up? No.

When it comes to lifting, I rock up to the gym with the best intentions. I complete the warm up and think about how I am going to destroy the bar. I start off small and work my way up, then I get to that certain weight and completely cave. The picture above is as far as I got. My mind just seems to recognise it as a fail before I even start, I try with everything I have to lift it but my head just says, Balls, it’s too much.

I had no idea that weightlifting involved so much mental strength, far more than physical. I decided to take some action this weekend by researching some pro-lifters, reading some blogs on mental strength in sport and watching a few documentaries on how they overcome it. What am I scared of exactly? Why do I let it bother me so much and how the bloody hell can I get over it?

After reading this particular Blog by Travis Mash I’ve come to a conclusion.

I’m far too competitive. I hate hate hate to lose and If I have the smallest of inclinations that I will fail, I just give up. I am so good at talking myself out of situations that make me uncomfortable. I recon I could convince the queen to give me her crown, that’s how good I confess to be. So knowing that, and knowing how stubborn and childish I can get when I lose is bloody frustrating.

“If you can find a way to erase or displace the fear then you will grow very, very strong”. (Travis Mash, 2014, 

The above is a great quote, one that I will remember and use but as of now I need to find a way to erase it. Find a way to overcome the mental block to build my strength and draw out all of that negativity like a poison and burn it as fuel. (ref as above).

Are there things that stop you progressing? Are there fears that you need to tackle? What holds you back from accomplishing your goals? Do you need to just reign in the whinge, bite your lip and give it hell?

Peace out xxx