So, this is something I’ve always struggled with. It’s so confusing, there are so many different ways to count your daily in take of food and drink.

What I have learnt over time is not to stress or panic about it. The science of it all can bog anybody down and then therefore may even put some off changing their eating habits entirely.

Slow the pace and do not compare yourself

Going full swing into an exercise programme, cutting out all your favourite foods will not get you the results you really want. Sure, your detox or smoothie diet will work for a week or so but it wont help you in the long term, I know that because I’ve tried.

What worked for me and what also works for plenty of others is to have 1 long term goal, 1 monthly goal, 1 weekly goal and 1 daily goal. Grab your self a wall calendar and write them all down. Start slowly and build your way up to what it is you actually want. Both in your nutrition and exercise, don’t over complicate it. Also write down what you eat, when you see it in black and white it will then help with what you think needs to go or what food group you need more of. We’re all busy people with hectic lives so why not make things fun and easy. One of the things I am guilty of is comparing my fitness to other’s, no matter how hard I try not too, I still do it. Why am I not as lean as them, why do they lift more, how do they do all that training and still have perfect make-up? What we see on line are the ‘movie trailers’ the ‘best bits’ of someones training and food intake. So please do not compare who you are and what you eat, find what is best for you and your body goals and do it that way. This is just an example of the goals I made at the beginning of my body change with that days food intake. I have then included below that my goals as of today and what I have eaten….can you see the difference. This has taken me 8 months to truly understand and accomplish, I’m still not there yet. As I said it takes time but it is most definitely worth it.

My Goals and food intake when I started my lifestyle change


  • Daily: To daily understand that I am worth this transformation and I will achieve it.
  • Weekly: To loose 1-2 lbs a week by training and eating better.
  • Monthly: To cut out 1 unhealthy food or drink habit each month.
  • Long term goal: To be lean, strong and comfortable with my body.

Food – roughly the same everyday

  • Breakfast: Chocolate squares-milk, 2 slices of toast (White/ thick cut)
  • Snack: 1 chocolate bar, crisp sandwich ( 2 slices, white, thick cut)
  • Lunch: White baguette, cheese, mayonnaise, Chocolate bar,
  • Snack: Bowl of Crunchy nut cereal and milk
  • Dinner: 1 whole pepperoni pizza and fries, 1/4 tub strawberry cheesecake Hagen Daaz.
  • Supper: 2 slices toast (White/thick cut)

So I knew I would have my work cut out for me. As you can see I love bread and chocolate. These were the 2 foods I needed to tackle first. Sounds simple enough, right! That’s what I thought until I actually started to do it and there were times that I wanted to eat crap all day and not go to the gym. I even questioned whether I was worth it? I am a mother, my husband and children need my full attention, I am the glue, I am the one they all need, I’m being selfish. No, your starting something that will change your life if you just keep going, if you keep the faith in your self and your abilities. Your husband and children would admire that in you and be proud that you not the wall flower any more. Your the role model that finishes something you have longed to start.

My goals and food intake as of today


  • Daily: To look at myself in the mirror and appreciate how far I have come
  • Weekly: Not to eat to lose weight, but to eat to burn the fat and feed the muscle
  • Monthly: To Lift more than last month and define the muscle’s I have
  • Long term: To be leaner, stronger and more bad ass than ever.

Food in take, differs each day but this is just an example

  • Breakfast: 1 slice multi grain/ wholemeal bread, 2 poached eggs, tomato, avocado
  • Snack: 1 apple, 25g cashews
  • Lunch: 1 baked sweet potato, 1/2 tin tuna, chilli sauce, mixed salad, 1 medium sliced tomato
  • Snack: Small Fat free Greek yogurt, fresh raspberries and blueberries as a topper
  • Dinner: 1 cooked Chicken breast, Fine thread noodles, courgette, kale, carrots, onion, garlic and home make Teriyaki sauce.

As you can see there is a massive contrast in my food from then till now. I have felt the health benefits of eating better but also it has helped with my training too. I have sorted my bread, crisp and chocolate intake and replaced them with better alternatives. My eating plan is not a calorie deficit either, my body is getting the right foods for my lifestyle and training. Starting small and slow, but continuously raising you game and sticking to your programme and goals is the key. Don’t be a flapper going from one fad diet to another, it won’t help. I am speaking from experience here and I honestly want people to succeed and get the best out of their health and fitness, just like I have. Find a sport or class you love do it about 3 times a week, eat well and balanced, get your Macro and micro nutrients in. Hydrate yourself and have fun doing it.

Macro and Micro nutrients

Peace out xxx