I do not confess to having any sort of leadership qualities and in fact I’m not a very good follower either. I just do my own thing I guess. I love who I love, I nurture myself and my family, I believe In what I feel is right and I am having fun doing It. So when I do find people that I admire, people who encourage me to be a better person and help me down the road to a very peculiar life. I soak them up, I devour their books, their knowledge, their stories and advice.

Some one asked me the other day, who are the people I have used on social media to help spur me on with my nutrition, fitness and lifting. So I have gathered what I consider to be a very precious group of people whom I walk with. The people on these lists are chefs, they’re websites and groups for meal prepping ideas. Champion women lifters and your regular women that I know personally who are incredible lifestyle changers. If you are looking for inspiration, people who don’t feel the need to follow and women well above average then take a gander at these beauties.





Fill your curious and beautiful noggins with these delicious people.

Peace out xxx