I’m not a ranter, honest. I am normally quite Zen about life, but sometimes the passionate dragon inside has to erupt.

I have had one of the weirdest weeks for comments about my physique…ever! Most of these remarks included the line…”Well if you ask me…”

I didn’t though, I didn’t ask you. I didn’t even notice you we’re there until you walked out of your way to tap me on the shoulder. Just so you could let me know that ‘you think it’s about time I stopped and that women aren’t meant to be muscular’.

A day later a lady I have known for years decides to call me over and ask if I have been ill because ‘I look gaunt’, gaunt?

Well I did what any graceful women would do and I said “Thank you for letting me know, but I feel great”. Although secretly, inside, I wanted to grab them by the collar and in the true spirit of Tom & Jerry, wack them over the head with a frying pan.

I shook it off and carried on with my week. I went to my gym today and did a cracker of a PT session and felt amazing. I managed to do renegade rows with a 16kg kettle bell, 4 reps of 12 burpees without falling on my ass and a crap load of other upper body training.

That joy was short lived as I stood fresh from the gym on the school run all sweaty with my hair in some sort of weird mushroom, Miss Trunchbull getup. A fellow mum makes her way over with her perfect hair, manicure, polished boots and fully adorned in her makeup. The first thing she says to me is “So I see you have been the gym again” shaking her head “If I was your child, I’d be embarrassed”

The gloves were off! My reply was loud for all to hear.

Embarrassed about what? The fact I train hard, eat well, run a home, volunteer in the school and studying 2 courses. My children have never been so proud actually, myself and my husband have raised them to know that everyone on the planet has a role. Everyone fits in somewhere, they can be what ever the hell they want to be, as can I. I have worked damn hard to get to where I am and the fact that there are people out there that choose to approach you and comment about the type of person you are, is just plain rude.

Screw you.

I’m not even that muscular…yet! But don’t fret my faint hearted people, my haters, the opinion makers and doubters….so much more is coming! When you see me walking towards you in a years time…you wont be able to help yourself say (in the voice of John Anderson)

Gladiator readyyyyyyyyyyyy 

Rant over.

Peace out xxx