So this week has been one heck of a social craze, which is not the norm. Out for coffee, dinner, play dates with the kids, friends round etc. It’s really great to be so busy with fun and the socialising aspects of life but its been hard on the healthy eating quest. The one thing I have learnt over the past 7 months though is to not stress about food. I control my meals and portions the best that I can and also track my exercise and activity every week. It sounds boring I know but I’m an avid list maker and a tad square about these things. My attitude to food is plenty wiser and I have learnt to really enjoy it and not feel guilty if I have that slice of cake or even a Costa hot chocolate. Yum.

I attended a Seminar this weekend at my gym that my PT Sue Boardman organised and ran. She had lots of little pearls of wisdom to share. The one thing I really didn’t even think about was when she mentioned being surrounded by like minded people. At home I feel safe when it comes to my fitness and eating as I know exactly what I’m doing. Then at the gym I know there are people there who are going through the same change and lifestyle as myself but amongst friends and the wider family, it’s so much more difficult. So this weekend I acted on that advise. I told people properly about why I train andย why now I’m not losing weight, I’m toning my body and gaining more strength. I’ve let them in on my goals and even asked them to help. To Include them in my journey has worked, telling them the foods I eat and the times that I train. Soย if they invite me over for a meal they know what is good for me or they may offer to watch my kids whilst I go to the gym or out for a run. It may seem cheeky or you may even feel guilt but you know what, if they love you they will understand. Let them know how important your lifestyle change is and how serious you are about hitting your targets.

If you have the chance to do this then I wholeheartedly urge you to try, it really helps. It takes the pressure off trying to fit everything in and rushing your already busy day. What ever makes life easier has got to be worth it…right?

Peace out xxx