Rocking up to my first lifting session back in August was terrifying to say the least. I had made a mistake with my class times and walked in on a premium session with the gym owner and two very strong lifters. I was embarrassed at my mistake and then couldn’t walk out because I had no confidence to do that at the time. I shrugged it off, completed my warm up, drank some water and then bam, there it was. Just a 10 kg bar with no weights,Β then was shown the back squat. I started to giggle as I was nervous and thought i’m just lifting a bloody bar with no weights, I look ridiculous.

I fell in love, I realised that who cares if I look like a idiot with a bar, everyone has to start somewhere. I overcome my fear of looking foolish and thought, it doesn’t matter who is watching or how sweaty and chalky I get. I just really love the progression of it all, learning the techniques and feeling more and more like a bad ass every time I do it. It is both physically and mentally exhausting. I get annoyed when another weight has been added and I can’t lift it or if i’m having an off day and nothing is going right.

Looking through my journal pictures, I have come to realise that my progression has been really quick. Going from struggling to squat with a 10kg bar to now dead lifting 50kg and using the traps bar in a dead lift I can get to 60kg. I am currently learning the power clean technique with my PT, so today I did a dead lift high pull in a drill with 30kg bar and weight. The one problem I have though are my shaky knees and not using my legs enough, I tend to get to a certain point and use my back.

My goal in the next 3 months is to strengthen my legs and knees for the lifts with no rubbish back jerking getting involved…tut tut. Then to be able to power clean what ever weight I manage just as long as the technique is spot on. Here’s to the challenge of the next 3 months…bring it.

Also, feel free to laugh at my puffer fish face, I do.



Peace out xxx