I was bored, I was unhappy, I lacked the confidence I once had and I felt frumpy. I have a great life with my husband and 3 little girls but I just knew there was something lacking. I had turned into the person who took too much on because I was afraid to let people down. I put my needs and dreams to one side whilst I watched, organised and helped everyone else in my life accomplish theirs. I can’t once remember during that period of my life actually thinking about what I wanted. Don’t get me wrong I know that when you have children certain aspects of your life need to be put to one side every now and then. Their needs are super important and as parents we’re responsible for all aspects of their little lives. I treasure my children completely but I know that they would want a mother who is confident, happy, fun and uses her brain and talents to make a better life for everyone. The fact that I was made to feel selfish for wanting something for me was an awful feeling. People would say “your in a season of your life, were you don’t matter as much” or “you haven’t got time for that” and even worse “isn’t your dream a little unrealistic?” Wow, well thank you very much to those people for making me feel like crap (they’re no longer in my life by the way). With my lack of confidence and my self esteem so low I accepted what they said and carried on for another few months just eating to make my self feel that little bit better.

I had got in such a rut with my fitness and healthย and I only ever really wore baggy jeans and tops. I always wore cardigans or jackets to cover the dreaded bingo wings too. Then there’s dresses, well they were always ruled out. After waking up one day refusing to carry on the way I was, I made that decision to stop eating my weight in food everyday and start to exercise and love my body more.

The photographs below were taken on 28th July 2016, that was the turning point in my fitness journey and I haven’t looked back since. Forgive the images if your faint of heart, I really don’t want to post them, they’re super embarrassing.

I try to teach my children to be brave and honest so I guess I have to also.


After my 5 months of complete over haul on my body and my health. The growth in my confidence and self esteem has followed and I have never felt more determined to achieve my dreams.


2016 was my weight loss year but I’m not finished yet

2017 is my year of getting leaner, stronger and tougher than ever before. I’m ready and I’m committed to lifting heavier and improving on my weightlifting technique.

What are your goals this year? It can be anything my friends, just make it count.

Peace out xxx