Everybody loves a bit of self doubt every now and then don’t they?

Don’t they?

No, you’re right, it sucks big time. One day your flying high, getting your daily tasks done, eating well, your workout is finished, kids are happy and you have managed to last the day without looking like a complete scruff. Then, alas, the wind has now changed, the stars have collided and the kids are smothering each other with your lovely freshly washed cushions.

How can our situations change so fast, how do we deal with the fact we all have that little voice telling us were not pretty, smart or strong enough! That our parenting skills are too unconventional, nobody actually enjoys your company and what on earth are you wearing today!

Self doubt can be an unnerving and persuasive voice that can hold us back from so much joy and excitement. It stops us from living out our dreams and grasping those goals and opportunities.

It is possible to to overcome this doubt, it is possible to complete our projects and get to that goal without the fear of failure?

What I have learnt to do is, the minute that dull murmuring starts, admit it and acknowledge it’s there. Come face to face with it and give it a vicious verbal slap. Yes I can finish this workout, I won’t leave the gym until I can sumo lift this 50kg weight (me, yesterday), I will prep my food and snacks this week so keep your damn chocolate biscuits to yourself. I will go for that new job with better conditions and pay, I will overcome the pressure of trying to be the perfect parent.

One of the major battles I have been able to conquer this year is realising that ‘I’m not a failure because I fail’ I now know how to deal with my self doubt. Instead of being angry, frustrated or changing my personality to suite others. I say “hell to the no”, pick my ass up off the floor and realise that I’ve go this, It’s OK to be scared just don’t let it hold me back!

We are who we are but be the best version of yourself for yourself! We are precious humans and when that zombie apocalypse comes I will have no doubt in my abilities to kick their ass.

Peace out xxx