So let me just say thank you first of all, your actually taking time out of your busy schedules to read this, that makes me happy !

To start this off I just want to explain that if you are happy and fabulous the way you are no matter what your size or fitness level then continue to be you, continue to be great and please do not change for anyone! If you are reading this thinking I’d like to see someone who has changed their eating and fitness for the healthier and stronger option! I’d like to hear from someone who has been through the roller coaster of being under and overweight! Then this is me, my name is Heather and I’m here to post pictures, recipes and a cheeky little blog about life that can hopefully give you that motivation to start your own fitness journey.

Starting anything from the very beginning is exciting for some but if we admit it, it’s scary for most! It doesn’t matter what it is, a new job, new baby, new partner, new gym even watching the new movie ‘Fantastic Beasts’ and praying that it’s worth the money you paid (it is by the way). For me, I thought that my anxiety would make me fail at everything in life and it was pretty damn hard to overcome! Of course I still struggle but I have taken some giant steps over this past year and 2016 has seen me change in so many ways. For some it may be gradual and a bit frustrating but the type of change I’m writing about isn’t just miss a cake here and add a treadmill in there and all will be glorious! The one person that put me in an unhappy, unmotivated, plain and boring person was myself! Yes there were people around me that loved me and even loved the person I was but if you ask those people now which one they prefer…it will be this one, the present me, healthy, happy, fulfilled and unapologetic for my weird humour!

The initial change was easy, I woke up one day in a funk and thought, well actually I screamed…. ‘AAAHHHHH IV’E HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!! I went into ‘Monica mode’ and joined a great gym, signed up to a college course, shopped for healthy food and gym clothes, told my family to maun the death of the Heather they knew and off I went over the rainbow! The actually journey process is not that easy though

  • You workout which means sweating
  • You eat healthy which means you see chocolate even in your dreams
  • Your tired but have energy (weird feeling)
  • There are some days you eat so much and then feel guilty

You need to find that balance, balance is the greatest key, but it takes time! In the society we live in , everything is fast or expected quickly and if you think about it, its taken us this long to become one type of person and its unrealistic to think that that will change over night! Or we will have abs after one class, that would be lovely though!

Balance, Balance, Balance.

Joining a Gym

If you decide to join a gym then research it first, it sound silly but it’s really important. You need a place with diverse classes so you don’t get bored, personal trainers and even a nutritionist if you can get it. Word of mouth and listening to people’s experiences in gyms can help no end! I chose an anti gym actually but rather than explain what that is I’ll post the link and you can check it out. This place was my saving grace, 45 minute classes that are hellish and sweaty but they got me to where I am now and they check in with you all the time which is amazing as I’m pretty lazy!

Healthy Eating

If you want to just change your food and what you eat then try a slimming club. I know plenty of people who have lost weight and kept it off. In honesty though, I do recommend training along side that because it’s all good and well losing weight but training your body will build up your fitness, energy levels and strength!

I am also going to post some recipes that I have made over the past 6 months that may help you out. Some are from my favourite chefs (which I will reference, when I put them up) and some are my own recipes which will have the weighed amounts and calories on them.

If you are looking to change your lifestyle, the way you train or eat and drink then do it today. Even if your reading this after you’ve had a burger, that’s ok. Just don’t be all ‘airy fairy’ about it and just crack on, make that decision and stick to it. I don’t have all the answers and I can’t magic over some ‘get up and go’ that’s all on you!

Peace out xxx