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In the beginning……

So let me just say thank you first of all, your actually taking time out of your busy schedules to read this, that makes me happy ! To start this off I just want to explain that if you are... Continue Reading →

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My gym is better than yours

So for the past 2 months I've really been focusing on my inch loss and nutrition. After recently having a little plateau in both those areas, I really needed some help. Being part of a gym with encouraging and diverse... Continue Reading →

Scary? Maybe?

"On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become"¬† I saw this quote and panicked, yer I know. I got all weirded out and actually, truly thought about it. What if... Continue Reading →

How to get your kids loving fruit and veg

Dinner time, the time when all families sit and the table and eat together. The conversations are wholesome, loving and at each meal the kids don't complain and eat everything that is put in front of them. Well I'm thrilled... Continue Reading →

Give me all the snacks

It's not alcohol, it's not cigarettes and it's not caffeine, no friends it's something far worse Friggin' snacks Crisps, biscuits, cakes, fudge, ice cream and of course the cookies, ohhhhh the cookies. Why do the bad things taste so amazing?... Continue Reading →

That’s a spicy meatball

I love love love spicy meatballs (rude jokes allowed) When they're teamed with masses of veg too you know your onto a winner. This dish is really easy to make, there are so many spices to this which makes it... Continue Reading →

The mental game is critical in building strength

Am I easily psyched out? Yes. Am I easily intimidated? Yes. Am I fearful? Yes. Full of self doubt? Yes. Do i whinge about it? Yes. Am I going to give up? No. When it comes to lifting, I rock... Continue Reading →

The Basics of my Nutrition

So, this is something I've always struggled with. It's so confusing, there are so many different ways to count your daily in take of food and drink. What I have learnt over time is not to stress or panic about... Continue Reading →

Be the kind of leader that you would follow

I do not confess to having any sort of leadership qualities¬†and in fact I'm not a very good follower either. I just do my own thing I guess. I love who I love, I nurture myself and my family, I... Continue Reading →

Mystic Pizza

  I love pizza so much that I could rub it on my face and not care who's watching. So it took me a long long long time to accept the fact that pizza is a 'hell no' when it... Continue Reading →

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